Outdoor Decorative Screens

The screens are made out of 9mm water proof plywood and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They come lightly stained to give a rustic appearance, but can be painted the colour of your choice. We have various patterns in stock, each with their own distinctive appearance.

The panels mostly come in two different sizes 1800X1200 and 1220X600, however as most designs are symmetrical they can be cut down without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the pattern.

These panels are an alternative to aluminium cut screens and are a fraction of the cost whilst providing a very similar effect.


There are three designs in 1800X 1200





Approx.1800 X 1200 Persian $80


Approx. 1800 X 1200 Oriental $80 (Also available in 1800 X 600)


Approx. 1800 X 1200 Sahara $80


Approx. 1220X 600 Designs $30




Sahara - panels don’t come painted.