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Premium hardwood batten screens

Vertical hardwood batten screens – standard size:


Merbau 42mm X 19mm batten screens


Merbau 42mm X 42mm batten screens

Silvertop ash 45mm X 19mm batten screens

Silvertop ash 55mm X 40mm batten screens

42mm X 19mm Spotted gum vertical batten screens

Buy Hardwood Batten Screens And Merbau Battens In Melbourne For Your Backyard Transformation!

Specializing in the screening and fencing industry for over 40 years, Lattice Factory aims to provide durable products for batten screening in Melbourne and Sydney for all its clients. With the highest level of precision and use of modern technology, our skilled workers will make sure you get exactly what you want. We deal in a variety of outdoor architectural elements at various locations like batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney, Silvertop ash battens in Melbourne, tailored hardwood screens in Melbourne, Merbau battens in Melbourne and Sydney, premium hardwood batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney, spotted gum batten screens in Melbourne, etc.  Decorating backyards and gardens is as important as designing the interiors but most people tend to ignore the former. Initially, only standard designs were available in screens and fences but lately, there has been a drastic change in the way people design their outdoor spaces. Keeping the aesthetics in mind, our artists make sure that they provide the clients with the latest screen and fence patterns. Nowadays, screens are used for more than just adding privacy to a particular area, they are also used for enhancing the overall look of the space. Right from using different textures to materials, we make sure to offer you the best at affordable rates. Additionally, our professionals at Lattice Factory know that every space requires a different set of products which complement the vibe of the area and that’s why we also offer customisations. Based in Australia, we also deal in various dimensions like Merbau 42mm * 19mm batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney.


Why Choose Lattice Factory for hardwood batten screening In Melbourne?

Providing premium quality fencing and screening options to customers has been our goal since inception. Along with the stated, we also make sure to give our clients an uninterrupted service right from choosing the ideal product to its installation. Here is why Lattice Factory is your go-to solution for outdoor designing.

  • Numerous designs in merbau battens, silvertop ash batten screens, spotted gum batten screens and tailored hardwood screens in Melbourne and Sydney.

We believe in curating products which are in sync with the regulations. Providing you with several choices in almost all screens and fences, we offer you unique designs which will improve the vibe of your outdoors by all means. We also deal in vertical hardwood screensin Melbourne and Sydney. Additionally, if you are not sure of which screen to opt for, our experts at Lattice Factory will guide you for the same.

  • Cost-effective tailored hardwood screens, silvertop ash batten screens and Merbau battens in Melbourne and Sydney

Every product from Lattice Factory is priced at fair rates. Without compromising on the quality of the product, we assure you the best cost. We cater to people who want their outdoors to look magnificent in a budget. Having said the same, you need not worry about the durability of our products because they are all long-lasting.

  • Customisations in textures, colours and designs for premium hardwood batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney

Hardwood batten screens and Merbau battens are extremely popular in Melbourne and Sydney for outdoor beautification. With the constant changes in the trends, it is quite difficult to choose from the standard designs. We provide customisations in terms of textures, colours and designs for your screens! Choose from the nut brown tones of silvertop ash battens in Melbourne or spotted gum batten screens in Melbourne. We also curate made-to-measure screens according to your requirement.

  • Installation of all products for your ease!

Be it selecting the appropriate screen or installing it correctly, our staff makes sure all the work is carried out without any hassle at your convenience. Most people ignore the fact that installing the screen right is one of the most important tasks apart from choosing the ideal one. With quick installation techniques, we assure you a finished product placement.

Our Range of Batten Screens in Melbourne At A Glance!

At Lattice Factory, you are bound to get innumerable choices for your outdoor beautification. We offer several varieties in hardwood batten screening in Melbourne and Sydney. We also provide specifically customised screens like Merbau 42mm * 19mm batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney. Check out our range of premium hardwood batten screens available in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Vertical hardwood batten screens

One of the most preferred screens for backyards are vertical hardwood batten screens. These screens are usually used for front fences, covering up worn out walls, etc. These batten screens are widely preferred because they suit almost every space and look quite plush. Additionally, it is easy to install these screens because they just need to be joined by screws. Our staff sees to it that no fixings are visible to keep up with the look. Vertical hardwood batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney are apt for your verandas too!

  • Merbau 42mm * 19mm batten screens

If you want to give your outdoor space a contemporary feel and don’t wish to go for typical textures then it is best to go for Merbau batten screens. We offer Merbau 42mm * 19mm batten screens in Melbourne and Sydney. Apart from front fencing, these screens are also used for creating a private space and decking. Merbau screens have an amazing effect on outdoors because of their texture!

  • Silvertop ash

Silvertop ash is the most unique looking hardwood thanks to its rustic texture and colour. Flexible to the core and known for its durability, silvertop ash can blend with almost all surroundings. Moreover, this particular hardwood is also a good fire resistant which makes it all the more purposeful! Silvertop ash battens in Melbourne are cheaper as compared to spotted gum batten screens in Melbourne and are also low maintenance. Silvertop ash in Melbourne from Lattice Factory is of excellent quality and can be used for other purposes too like decking, flooring, cladding, etc.

With Lattice Factory’s numerous product varieties, you need not roam from outlet to outlet in search of that perfect screen or fence extension! Visit us for all your works related to batten screening in Melbourne and Sydney.