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41 Banbury Road, Reservoir VIC 3073


(Fence extensions and screening sections installed onto existing fences)

0413 450 485

Sachin is our production manager during the week and is an incredible hard working diligent worker who is always expanding his skillset.

He has completed several jobs installing fence extensions and installing screens onto existing fences. He is very capable and competent at completing these jobs and always leaves customers happy with the end result.

As a pricing indication Sachin generally charges $10- $20 per extension to install- if its 600mm high or under.  The larger extensions can require an additional person so installation fees are more.

He is also a great person to contact if you are a man short on a DIY job and just want an extra pair of hands when installing your screens or extensions. He is happy to work by the hour at very reasonable rates less than what you pay elsewhere.

Featured job. See photos.

flat extensions capped fence
slimline screen 35 x 9 option 2
privacy hardwood block out fence extensions