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Design Your Outdoors with Timber Screens in Melbourne and Sydney

At Lattice Factory, we believe in maintaining high standards of service. Customer-oriented by all means, our professional and trained staff makes sure you get the best product at the best price. A one-stop solution for all your fencing and screening needs, Lattice Factory offers high-quality products like timber screens in Melbourne, treated pine in Melbourne, Merbau 90mm finger jointed screens in Melbourne, lightly stained hardwood screens in Melbourne, etc. Moreover, we also provide services for timber screening in Sydney. The use of timber screen in Sydney and Melbourne has become very popular because these screens enhance the look of your outdoors in an effortless manner. Timber screens in Melbourne and Sydney are easy to install and are available in several varieties too. It is necessary to choose the right screen for your outdoor space because an incorrect screen size or pattern can degrade the overall look! Our experts at Lattice Factory will also guide you when it comes to selecting the timber screens in Melbourne and Sydney. According to the area and the kind of designing you want for your space, we suggest you the best screens. Most people are quite lost when it comes to screening and fencing because they are unaware of the new and unique options. Timber slatted screens in Sydney and Melbourne have quite a few variations. In order to enhance the look of the panels, we also offer customisations. Here is why Lattice Factory is the best choice for timber screens in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • A wide variety of options related to timber screening in Melbourne and Sydney

We provide amazing screening options to our customers which suit every space. Keeping in mind the taste of the customers and the new trends, we have something for everyone. Choose from the treated pine horizontal screens in Melbourne to lightly stained hardwood screens in Melbourne. Additionally, we also deal with Merbau 90mm finger jointed screens in Melbourne. Apart from the stated, if you are looking for designing your outdoor with a timber screen in Sydney, Lattice Factory is your go-to hub. You are bound to get premium quality screens at affordable rates at Lattice Factory.

  • Quick installations and delivery service

Lattice Factory provides a delivery service for all its products. Once you buy products for timber screening in Melbourne and Sydney you need not worry about its handling and delivery! Apart from delivering the products, our professionals will also install the product for you. We believe in giving all our customers an up-to-date service.

  • Customisations for all timber screens in Melbourne and Sydney

Our staff is aware of the new fencing and screening trends. Almost every screening panel has its own natural hue but not all spaces need that natural look. We provide our clients with several customisation options. You can opt for a unique colour panel which blends with the vibe of your place at Lattice Factory. All our timber slatted screens in Melbourne and Sydney can be customised. Moreover, every timber screen in Melbourne and Sydney from our end is customisable with made-to-measure sizes.

Catering to a variety of customers for more than 40 years, we understand the need to provide our clients with numerous options to choose from. Check out the varieties we have for timber screens in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Treated pine horizontal screens in Melbourne

Treated pine in Melbourne is a very popular option because it can be used for several purposes like fencing, covering up not so presentable spaces, unattractive fences, etc. Our experts recommend that it is preferable to go for painted panels when it comes to treated pine because in its natural form timber is not that durable and strong. In order to increase the durability of the screen, it is best to get it painted.

  • Lightly stained hardwood screens in Melbourne

We offer many dimensions in lightly stained hardwood screens in Melbourne like 1800*900 lightly stained hardwood screens, 1800*1200 lightly stained hardwood screens, 3000*900 lightly stained hardwood screens, etc. These screens can also be used as decorative screening frames for covering sheds, unattractive water tanks, pool area, etc. The stained hue of this panel is suitable for all outdoor spaces.

  • Merbau 90mm finger jointed screens

Merbau is known for its durability and striking hue. A merbau based screen can also be used as a screen around the pool. Right from providing privacy to your outdoor space to adding an artistic element to your backyard, merbau screens are versatile.

  • Acacia Magnum Plantation hardwood screens

At Lattice Factory, you can get genuine Acacia Magnum Plantation hardwood screens in several sizes. These panels are rich in colour and texture which makes them quite long-lasting as compared to other screens. Priced at competitive rates, these screens are extremely elegant looking.

Feel free to contact us for any screening and fencing needs!